Releasenotes DMXControl 2

On this page you will find the release notes for all previously released versions of DMXControl 2.

  • Releasenotes DMXControl 2.12.2 Open or Close

    DMXControl version 2.12.2 provides many improvements compared to version 2.12.1, especially by implemeting and processing reports from bug tracker. This version is compatible to version 2.12.1, nevertheless you should backup all project before upgrade.


    • Added support for new DeskLamp
    • Colors in Colorpicker can now be selected by double-clicking
    • Effect sequencer: Fixed appearance of empty effect when topmost effect from default category is moved upward (FS#1659)
    • Effect sequencer: Added updating of mixer channel when running effect is started via command
    • Effect sequencer: Changed syntax for speed and intensity groups: intensity groups start with \"I!\", speed groups with \"S!\" (FS#1976)
    • AudioPlayer: Fixed possible error when chaning time values (FS#1842)
    • Submasters: Fixed deflashing in \"Only one on\" mode (FS#1758)
    • Scene list: Fixed emptying of list when no scene list is selected (FS#1566)
    • Scene library: Fixed deletion of scenes after confirmation (FS#1786)
    • Sound analyzer: Added commands to control settings (FS#1600)
    • Scenes, Moving scenes: Fixed updating of \"fine\" channels when changing device address (FS#1941)
    • RGB chaser generator: Fixed scrolling problem when many steps are added (FS#1948)
    • PDA remote: Added return value when executing commands (FS#1943)
    • Effects sequencer: Fixed transition between effects in the same group to not have a short time where none of the effects is the active output (FS#1717)
    • Effect sequencer: Fixed possible crash when copying effects while effect settings are changed via commands concurrently
    • Effects sequencer: Fixed maximum width for right-aligned group names (FS#1594)
    • Terminal remote: Fixed bug in \"GetCommandPossibilities\" command for 3rd level
    • PDA remote: Fixed dangling connection problem
  • Releasenotes DMXControl 2.12.1 Open or Close

    DMXControl version 2.12.1 provides many improvements compared to version 2.12.0, especially by implemeting and processing reports from bug tracker. This version is compatible to version 2.12.0, nevertheless you should backup all project before upgrade.


    • Effect sequencer: Improved lag when setting effect intensity for grouped effects
    • Scene lists: Added fix for invalid scene list 0 from older DMXC versions
    • IMG StageLine output plugin: Updated MPUSBAPI.DLL to fix problems without administrator privileges
    • IMG Stageline output plugin: Changed default interface to DMX-510 to avoid crashes because of DMX-60 and DMX-120 incompatibility with newer OS (FS#1508)
    • Textbook: Fixed problems when text window was too small to fit scene tag in one line (FS#1436)
    • CSV scene import: Added supression of spaces and seperators as last chars of line
    • CSV scene import: Fixed disabled back button when invalid data was entered (FS#1468)
    • Scene lists: When scene list is started via command, the fist entry is selected (FS#1483)
    • Scenes list: Fixed selection position problem when switching between scene lists
    • Digital Enlightenment output plugin: Fixed displayed signal timing values
    • Audioplayer/Timecodeplayer: Fixed possible error when changing position while scene on new position was currently fading (FS#1105)
  • Releasenotes DMXControl 2.12 Open or Close

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    DMXControl version 2.12.0 provides many improvements compared to version 2.11.0, especially by implemeting and processing reports from bug tracker. This version is compatible to version 2.11.0, nevertheless you should backup all project before upgrade.



    • Color fade editor: Added marks for points where color will be sampled

    Chaser Generator

    • Inverted direction of \"speed\" slider
    • Added multi-select
    • Removed default slider tooltip showing inverse value

    RGB Scene Generator

    • Added scene generator for RGB devices
    • Added scene generator for importing simple scenes from CSV files
    • Added option to add an color gradient with multiple support points
    • Added row selection marker

    RGB Chaser Generator

    • Added invert selection button
    • Fixed possible error when clicking too low on current row indicator


    • Updated english language file
    • Removed online help (F1) and added online + PDF manuals to help menu
    • Removed \"experimental\" flag for composition scenes and the scheduler



    • Added back-up of DDFs when \"Devices\" folder exists
    • Added question to delete DDFs on uninstall
    • Default DDFs (not DDF library) are not to be overwritten on install
    • Updated installer to copy AVS files into DMXC installation dir when Winamp is not installed

    Keyboard Configuration

    • Fixed mix-up when configuring some keys
    • Fixed possible error when assigning command line keys
    • Fixed naming of some keys
    • Removed duplicate \"Enter\" key, added \"F1\" instead
    • Added button to assign default command line buttons
    • Fixed crash on exit when global keyboard hook was active (FS#128)
    • Added possibility to enable with hidden window (FS#121)


    • Disabled Repository backup in default configuration


    • Added EntTec Pro and SoundLight USBDMX-ONE output plugins
    • Added FX5 to name of DE output plugin
    • Removed \"Afterglow Slim\" plugin from installation
    • DMX4All Output Plugin: Added deferred sending to fix problems with older interfaces (FS#158)
    • Enttec OpenDMX: Fixed enumeration problem with multiple ** interfaces
    • Digital Enlightenment Interface: Mode change is now automatically applied (FS#698)

    DMX-In Remote

    • Redesigned config window
    • Can now be set active regardless of the \"DMX-In remote\" window\'s state
    • Added 1:1 patching for channel ranges
    • Added supression of already existing entries when adding entries
    • When using multiple commands on the same channel, the last active command is set to full on/full of when leaving the associated range (FS#877)

    Midi Remote

    • Removed unused \"relative\" flag
    • Fixed possible overrun on erroneous MIDI messages
    • Redesigned config window
    • Can now be set active regardless of the \"MIDI remote\" window\'s state
    • Fixed possible \"save\" message box when nothing was changed
    • Fixed MIDI-Learn when main MIDI remote is active
    • Improved message handling and performance

    Joystick Control

    • Added option to automatically activate on startup
    • Added enable/disable via commands


    • Fixed formatting of error message when multiple plugins could not be loaded
    • Plugins are now reloaded after starting PluginAdministrator from the plugin windows


    • Added possiblilty to change DDF for existing device
    • Added ability to toggle inverted Pan and/or Tilt via commands (FS#435)
    • Added filename of DDF when file could not be found

    DDF Parser

    • Added \"minvalue\" and \"maxvalue\" tags for dropdown items (FS#847)
    • Fixed problem with restoring values not set in the graphical view (FS#173)

    Scenes, Effects and Commands

    Scene Repository

    • Fixed error when copying scenes
    • Fixed quick-add of scenes when last scene type was \"from library\"
    • Categories can now be renamed, changing all contained scenes at once
    • Changed automatic scene repostiory backup from once per minute to once every 30 minutes (when enabled)
    • Added option to disable auto-expand of scene tree
    • When searching first found entry is now shown on top of tree instead of bottom
    • Enabled arrow up/down in tree while search box has focus
    • Added name of scene entry to error message when scene ID is not found in repository
    • Improved error handling when scene with invalid (duplicated) index is found
    • Fixed possible problems with new \"rename category\" feature
    • Added hint when scene is no longer referenced
    • Scene repository player: Mixer channel of command source is used when fading in simple scenes (FS#610)

    DMX Mixer

    • Fixed problem with channel names containing a semicolon
    • Fixed problem with higher-priority channels in HTP mode
    • Added option to use HTP for channels declared as type=\"r\", \"g\" or \"b\"

    Scene Representation

    • Fixed Bug in calculation of startvalue for fade-in in effects with reduced intensity (FS#604)
    • Fixed semi-checkmarks for device when one of it\'s channels was semi-checked
    • Improved timing accuracy (FS#937)
    • Changed behaviour of \"Clear\" button to first reset all
    • \"Update/add\" channels, then on second click remove all channels
    • Fixed problem with non-fade channels when setting scene position with e.g. submaster (FS#611)
    • Added warning when scene contains the same DMX-Channel with different Values (which would lead to flicker)
    • Disabled editing of multiple scenes simultaneously


    • Moving Scenes: Fixed problem when offset was larger than number of points in shape
    • Moving Scenes: Fixed problem when switchover for non-fadeable channels in embedded scenes is on the end of the fade (FS#119)
    • Moving Scenes: Fixed short distortion in movement when using multiple repititions (FS#561)
    • Command Scenes: When Flags \"Override\" and \"Ask for Value\" are set, the default value in the dialog will be the current value (FS#871)
    • Command Scenes: Preset value is now used as target for fade-in
    • Audio Scenes: Fixed file selection dialog not showing when invalid path was entered manually
    • Composition Scenes: Added HTP in stream (FS#335)

    Modules and Functions

    Graphical View

    • Fixed selection in device movement mode
    • Changed caption of zoom from \"1:3\" to \"3:4\"
    • Added black border around color circles
    • Fixed wrong window position when using multi-monitor setup with secondary screen left to the primary
    • Color white is now correctly handled
    • Fixed some positioning problems when using zoom


    • Fixed possible error when rapidly inserting linebreaks
    • \"Add scene\" button now disabled when editing is disabled globally or in a tag
    • Fixed wrong line numbering when resizing window (FS#266)
    • Fixed moving scenes or effects into the text (FS#586)
    • Added commands to select a textbook


    • Added command feedback for setting submasters with specified bank
    • Added GUID to identify submaster banks in commands
    • Added LTP/HTP when using A/B Fader (FS#201)
    • Reworked setting and flashing of Submasters to support changes on non-selected banks (FS#440, FS#1059)
    • Added limitation of tooltip entries to up to 20 (FS#837)
    • Added type \"Scene\" as a shortcut to defining the corresponding command

    Channel Overview

    • Added reset button to remove values sent by channel overview
    • Channels changed in \"IN\"-Mode now affect DMX-In
    • Fixed overflow with DDFs with more than 255 channels

    Effect Sequencer

    • Fixed expanding of effect when deleting last cue of effect
    • Added shift-doubleclick for scene preview to only show selected scene without it\'s predecessors
    • Fixed bug in \"thread ungrouped effects as group\"
    • Changed order and wording of some commands
    • Added field to set number of repetitions of effects
    • Added commands to directly set play mode for effects
    • Fixed problem with categories starting with a number
    • Fixed up/down sorting when effects are in categories (FS#863)
    • Disable/Enable effect/step management buttons according to context

    Audio Player

    • Improved tracking when changing playback position (FS#676)
    • Position of time contols is now adjusted when scrolling in the list (FS#439)
    • Fixed display of scene length bar when reducing length
    • Bar graphs representing scene length now take speedmaster into account (FS#629)
    • Added splitter bar between Waveform and Scenelist
    • Improved positioning accuracy when selecting scene entry
    • Allow wider range to drag & drop line markers in waveform
    • Improved synchronization of waveform view
    • Fixed possible error when invalid path is accessed

    Sound Analyzer

    • Added stereo VU in AVS mode
    • Updated AVS plugin to support stereo VU meter
    • Improved quality of VU meter
    • Added upper limit for duration between scene timer ticks


    • Implemented variable width of programming section
    • Commands: Disable second selection when first selection is seperator


    • Fixed color change of time display

    Command Line

    • Added relative mode for increasing/decreasing channels (FS#1090)


    • Added command feedback for ratio and BPM value
    • Added command to enable/disable \"From Sound Analyzer\" checkbox
    • Added command feedback for divider on opening the tool

    Scene List

    • Changed selection behavior on adding scenes and replay (FS#605)
    • Added tooltip with sum of fade time and duration (FS#836)
    • Added tooltip with accumulated duration up to the field under mouse cursor (FS#44)
    • Fixed command feedback for selected scenelist
    • Added option to save notes to each scene list (FS#832)
    • Moved position of \"Reset\" button
    • Fixed possible editing of \"unselected\" scene list by disabeling scenelist edit buttons when no valid list is selected


    • DMX-In, MIDI, Joystick and Keyboard remote control are now started when \"enable on startup\" is checked and the config window is closed
    • Simple scenes: Holding down \"shift\" key while clicking OK restores stored selection (when available) and saves scene (FS#1094)
    • Adding scenes: Holding \"Shift\" key skips scene type selection and selects last used scene type (FS#1094)
    • Added/improved tooltips in effect sequencer and scenes list
    • Fixed column width for command flags so that all flags can be shown
    • Added helpful information to scene type selection
    • Re-arranged command editing window to widen drop-downs
    • Command feedback: Added feedback when command did not produce announce (updates e.g. LED state on buttons when MIDI device disables the led when the button is released)
  • Releasenotes DMXControl 2.11 Open or Close

    DMXControl version 2.11.0 provides many improvements compared to version 2.10.0, especially by implemeting and processing reports from bug tracker. This version is compatible to version 2.10.0, nevertheless you should backup all project before upgrade.


    • Task scheduler
    • Pack&Go function
    • First steps for device abstraction (HAL)
    • Szene generator, e.g. for chaser



    • Channel types for R,G,B added
    • Virtual dimmer added
    • Abstract channels (dimmer, pan, tilt) added to commands for selekted device


    • PDA-2-DMXC 1.1: Support for command box and command line added
    • DE Outpit Plugin: Problem at setting of timing values solved



    • Automatic registration of plugins during installation


    • Pack&Go added
    • Dialogue for selection of Pack&Go elements added
    • Program configuration and icons used in command box are added


    • Start of second instanz is checked with user dialogue (FS#109)
    • Error handling for missing VBVis10.dll added (FS#143)
    • Settings for Sound Analyzer source moved to program configuration
    • Configuration files for DMXIn- and Midi-remote control moved to user directory (FS#31)

    Scenes, Effects and Commands


    • Simple Scenes: New scenes are automatically assigned to recently used category
    • Simple Scenes: \"Continue Search\" enabled (Enter) (FS#166)
    • Simple Scenes: Auto-Recall added
    • Moving Scenes: Non sequential offset added (continuos movement)
    • Moving Scenes: Backward playing of shape per device added
    • Composition Scenes: Composition Scenes can compose scenes of different types
    • Command Scenes: Command value can be reduced during Fade-In
    • Command Scenes: New command for switch from beat triggereing and play mode to effect sequencer added
    • Command Scenes: BCommands can select a submaster bank
    • Audio Scenes: Extended and window newly designed

    Scene Representation

    • Scenes Generator: Dimmer value for switched off devices can be defined
    • Scenes Generator: Scenes Generator for DDF dropdowns added
    • Effect Sequencer: Effects can be contained in several groups for automatic closing (FS#7)
    • Scenes List: Button for scrolling to active scene added
    • Scenes List: Color selection for entries added
    • Scenes Library: Scenes storage \"matrix\" can be buffered
    • Effects: Categories for effects added
    • Effects: Effects are automatically created in selected category
    • Effects: At selection of an effect, its properties are updated also for commands
    • Device Selection: Devices can be (de)selected by command

    Modules and Functions

    Grafical View

    • Color representation for RGB devices (if type=\"r\"/\"g\"/\"b\" in DDF)
    • Name of devices in tooltip shown
    • Name and address of devices can be shown permanently
    • Deletion of several devices possible
    • Dialoge at closing added , if still output is ongoing (FS#131)
    • Selection area works now up and left hand side
    • Shifting of several devices possible
    • Function \"orientation at grid\" added
    • Devices (channels) can be pinned
    • For selected color also the brightness can be shown at color circle instead of the device icon (FS#33)

    Effect Sequencer

    • Intensity can be grouped
    • Command for setting of intensity with parallel start/stop added
    • Effects are sorted in commands regarding to category
    • Optional priorities added

    Audio Manager

    • Implemented as a central control for audio playback
    • Administration window for audiostreams added

    Time Planer

    • Task planner implemented
    • Close query added

    Command Box

    • Buttons can be controlled per command
    • Feedback for buttons added that are controlled by command

    Scenes Generator

    • Automatic scenes generator for chaser added
    • Labels are evaluated at DDF scenes generator
    • DDF scenes generator extended to several devices of same type

    Other Changes

    • Shape Editor: Function for backward replay added
    • Submaster: New command \" flash all\"
    • Grandmaster: Secondary grandmaster out of new scaling
    • Sound Analyzer: VU-meter mode for Sound Analyzer added
    • MIDI Remote Control: Minimum value and interval processing added
    • MIDI: MIDI-Events can be assigned with several actions


    Audio Manager

    • Play staus is shown in main window
    • Volume of streams can be set by command

    Channel Overview

    • Multiple selection and scrolling in channel overview possible
    • Switch between 0/255 of selected channel with space bar


    • Multiple selection for treeviews for simple scenes and device channel added
    • Shortcut for scenesrepository changed to Strg-B, now Strg-S for saving
    • The scenes library can now be opened in non-modal way


    • Effects can be assigned to command box buttons with drag & drop
    • Effect groups can be shown at right hand side (configurible)
    • Commands can now be executed at effect start/effect end


    • Commands-scenes can be faded in and/or using a duration
    • Commands-window redesigned
    • Usge in lists improved (longer lists, automatic dropdown)
    • Usability of \"command saving\" window improved (automatic and larger dropdowns, help text)

    Other Changes

    • Audio Player: Moving/shifting of cues by arrow keys
    • Text Book: Search function added (Strg+F)
    • Submaster: Default labelling for commands added
    • Device Window: Dipswitch view for Device Window added
    • Channel Selection Dialogue: Basis addresses are shown at right hand side
    • Scene List: Drag&Drop in same way as for effects added
    • Scenes Generator Chaser: Tooltip for device names added
    • Buttons for call of PluginAdministrator incl. Vista-UAC-Icon added
    • EasterEgg added ;-)
  • Releasenotes DMXControl 2.10 Open or Close

    DMXControl version 2.10.0 provides many improvements compared to version 2.9.0, especially by bugtracking. This version is compatible to version 2.9.0, nevertheless you should backup all project before upgrade.


    DMX support

    • Number of channels increased to 1024
    • upgrade of DMX4All- and \"Digital Enlightenment\" output plugin
    • support for Enttec-Pro Interface


    • better usability of scene repository (extensions on tree view)
    • direct modification of scenes before saving
    • new scenen type composition scene introduced
    • copying of effects and scene lists


    • Audioplayer interpolates die DMX output if you jump to certain position
    • smaller (fine) raster of Audio players
    • improved usability of shape editor, Standard shape \"random\" in shape editor
    • Submaster: Fade of scenes etc. (by assignment of commands to submaster)
    • global Speed master
    • secundary Grand Master
    • Command box: supports several \"pages\", presentation problem in case of modification of number of buttons eleminated
    • Textbook: Scroll function improved (Scroll position is kept when \"GO\" button is used)


    • Scaling- and Offset for Pan and Tilt for adaption to different stages
    • extensions in command system (new commands)
    • additional interface functions for plugins (Provision and execution of commands)
    • \"Circle-coordinate plan\" for Moving Heads
    • several ColorPicker in a DDF possible
    • Configuration options extended
    • Beat-Blinking behavior modified

    External Controls

    • Layout of Joystick control modified, support of 4 axis, 12 keys and 4 Joysticks
    • Extensions and improvements in MIDI processing
    • Support of PDA-Tool, new interface allows WebBrowser control


    • The help file is still on status of 2.9 version. It will be updated by future patch.
  • Releasenotes DMXControl 2.09 Open or Close


    • DMX-In support
    • Moving scenes and related editors
    • Interface to Sunlite EasyView Magic Visualizer (
    • Text book tool
    • Improved usage of scenes, effects and commands
    • Plugin support for extensions of DMXControl
    • Timecode Player
    • DDFcreator Tool


    • Due to necessary modifications of internal data structures is is NOT guaranteed, that existing DMXControl 2.8.0 projects are completely compatibel to version 2.9.0, thoughout comprehensive test cases were checked. Please save copies of your running environment before updating!
    • The helpsystem and documentation is not yet updated. Please refer to the Wiki system for the most recent information
    • Please load the song \"Aquarium\" of the band \"hosh\" from in order to complete the demo project for the audioplayer.
  • Releasenotes DMXControl 2.08 Open or Close


    • Program configuration
    • Commands and command box
    • Multiple language support
    • Integrated help system
    • Group selection feature
    • RGB control and help topic within device definition files
    • Extensions for MIDI control.

    Other Inprovements

    • Improvements in the stability and in the presentation (e.g. Submaster).
    • New program settings were added to customize DMXControl to personal preferences and the computer speed.
    • With the command box you can create individual virtual key desks with different scene or effect trigger.
    • Added multilingual support (English as an example). Other translations into all languages with a 8 bits character set are possible.
    • The help function is reachable with the F1 key from every window.
    • Device groups can be saved and restored with the new group selection feature.
    • The new RGB control adds a visual color blending for RGB devices.
    • So-called commands can be used in different tools (command box, MIDI remote control, scenes and effects, audioplayer). Commands are adaptable operations to control DMXControl modules for exaple with an automatic effect or by touch a button in the command box.