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DMXControl 2.12.2

DMXControl 2.12.2
DMXControl 2.12.2
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01 June 2014

DMXControl 2 is the versatile and well-tried light control software for theater, disco and show lighting. Though it is based on a DMX channel oriented control concept, it still offers functions which aren't integrated in DMXControl 3 yet. So Lightshows synchronized with music can easily be created and the textbook module is unrivalled.

Important: Those, who do not want to create music-synchronized light shows or dont want to use the textbook should use DMXControl 3 instead since DMXControl 2 isn't developed further any more!



After installing the August Update for Windows (all Windows versions) DMXControl 2 cannot be started anymore. Microsoft is presently investigating this issue and will provide an update when available. As a fast workaround, the only thing that helps is to uninstall the update. However, it is important to keep in mind that this weakens the security of your system, as there are already various attack instructions for the vulnerabilities patched with the update. Therefore this happens at your own risk!

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